Environmental risks can be a serious threat to businesses. They can take on many different forms and go far beyond a single event. They aren't always obvious, and can appear in the smaller, more subtle areas. In fact, environmental and pollution liabilities occur in almost every business enterprise. That's why finding an experienced partner is essential. 

At DLD, we have a team of technical specialists with environmental engineering background. We are trained to identify each risk, determine how it operates, and know how it might spread.  We look at different media — land, soil, air — and regional variations to identify the threats that can arise in different natural conditions. With more than 150 products offered in the environmental insurance marketplace, it can be daunting. DLD provides clients with a customized plan to cover their specific business. There may be pollutant risks that less technical brokers wouldn't be aware of, but could be crucial. We know that we can't afford to miss these risks. We also know that it's our job to keep you protected from these vital and unexpected threats. 

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